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Benefits of Pruning Your Trees in the Winter

People are misled into believing that tree maintenance cannot be done during winter. Winter is actually the best season for pruning and tree trimming. In reality, most annual pruning should be done during the winter. We go into detail regarding the many benefits that wintertime pruning offers.

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Improved Health 

Overall, pruning your trees in the winter promises improved health. This is because winter is considered the dormant stage for trees. Therefore, pruning will not cause any damage during its attempt to create new growth, as it would during the spring or summer. Trimming your tree during the colder months also helps when it comes to supporting and maintaining its structure. 

Plenty of Growth for the Spring

Trimming your trees in the winter sets them up for plenty of growth to take place during spring and several months after the winter. So when trees and vegetation begin to blossom again once the colder months pass, you can look forward to extra growth!

Safer for the Tree 

Pruning in the winter also guarantees that your tree is less dangerous to you, your property, and the tree itself. If dead or damaged branches are not regularly removed, they could wreak havoc under certain circumstances.

When ugly, severe winter weather comes into the picture, you have to be mindful. Removing these dead branches can provide you peace of mind for several months to come. 

Easier to Take Care of During the Winter 

Even better, pruning directly benefits you: it makes it much easier to maintain and keep up with your trees and vegetation during the colder months. 

Think about it like this. Pruning is much more difficult when your tree is fully blossomed, which leaves, fruit, and several branches hanging. When all the leaves fall off, there is less work and cleanup for you to worry about!

Prevents Diseases That Thrive After the Winter Months 

Yet another reason why pruning is best done during the winter time. It can prevent some diseases that come out during the spring from attacking your trees. Some of the diseases that spread the most during the spring and summer include:

  • Dutch elm disease
  • Oak wilt
  • Cedar hawthorn rust
  • Fire blight

During winter, it is harder for trees to catch diseases when they are properly trimmed and because most of these diseases are dormant during this time of year.

Less Stress for Trees

As we have heavily mentioned, trees are dormant during the winter. That means they grow much less during the colder months. Therefore, trimming is best done at a time when the trees are not heavily affected.

Additionally, trimming before blossoming leads to optimum wound closure, meaning trees can heal from damage and cuts that could leave them susceptible to further damage.

Prevents Winter Weather Damage 

Damaged or dead branches can be unhealthy for a tree during the winter. When you allow ice or snow to collect, it makes the trees weaker and makes them more dangerous to you and your home. Dormant pruning that cuts and eliminates dead and diseased wood can help weaker trees rejuvenate as needed.

Keep Up With Your Property and Vegetation This Winter With Help From Our Professionals  

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